Dancing Plague Of 1518, History Strangest EpidemicRight now, the planet is undergoing a coronavirus pandemic, killing thousands. However, it’s faraway from the sole one. The winner for the weirdest outbreak to strike mankind possesses to be the Dancing Plague. On July 14, 1518, a lady named Frau Troffea from the town of Strasbourg in modern-day France left her house and commenced to bop . She kept going & going for hours until she finally collapsed, sweating and twitching on the ground.

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IEatRawEggs avatarLevel 16
IEatRawEggs says:

Wtf, is that real

interiorcrocodilealligator avatarLevel 28
interiorcrocodilealligator says:

"400 people dance uncontrollably for weeks on end — leaving as many as 100 of them dead." lmfao

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