maue910 commented on More milk, please

You want some more SIR!

maue910 commented on World's biggest fur auction house to close after mink COVID cull

So heartbreaking.

maue910 commented on The supercar submarine

Lucky are those who have this car during floods.

maue910 commented on Adorable tiny cat illustration

Looks so real.

maue910 commented on Lucky dog having a break at the beach

Wow! enjoying the fresh wind from the sea.

maue910 commented on That's what friends are for

That's what friends are for

maue910 commented on Australia to spend $500 million on coronavirus vaccines for Southeast Asian and Pacific neighbours

Thank you, Australia hope other rich countries will help other countries in this pandemic.

maue910 commented on Home grown, homemade onion rings

So crispy.

maue910 commented on New York attorney general threatens Trump with lawsuit if he denies state access to ‘life-saving' vaccine

"The president made the claim as he spoke for the first time publicly in the wake of his defeat to Joe Biden."

maue910 commented on World's top intensive care body advises against Remdesivir for sickest COVID patients

I read a lot about this medicine some claim it is a great help and some say has no effect. Never the less it still helps some.

maue910 commented on Over 80% of Pfizer vaccine doses already sold to world's richest countries

Even though the vaccine needs by the whole world. Hoping they can spare some for those countries who are not rich. Wishing for a humanitarian concern all over the world.

maue910 commented on Abrakadabra pumpkin

Super pumpkin power.

maue910 commented on Mexican Senate Committees Approve Marijuana Legalization Bill With Floor Vote Planned Next Week

Well, cannabis is a big business no wonder.

maue910 commented on Thanksgiving dinner sandwich

Wow!!! Mouthwatering.

maue910 commented on Tire on the loose

Very quick response from the car owner, glad he was able to catch the tire before it hit on his car.

maue910 commented on Bond denied for two suspects in Arbery murder case

The truth will prevail.

maue910 commented on No, I don't want to leave let me stay

Let him play until he is tired.

maue910 commented on Someone is hiding

Someone is in big trouble.

maue910 commented on In night-driving rear light is essential


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