happycamper commented on Looks like I'm stuck in here

I must admit Shawshank Redemption scene was much more romantic.

happycamper commented on Looks like I'm stuck in here

Oh well, that was a bad idea.

happycamper commented on Looks like I'm stuck in here

It would be interesting to hear a story about this event.

happycamper commented on Photo Contest: Going Low

Horsie 😊

happycamper commented on Quite the proposal

Wonder where is this place?

happycamper commented on puffins are not all that afraid of people

They are cute as long as they don't poop on your trousers 😊

happycamper commented on This approach to branch cutting is more efficient

As long as he does not make U-turn with that helicopter. I guess it would instantly turn it into a giant fireball.

happycamper commented on You lost your cow bruh

Poor creature 🙁

This was most probably filmed in Bosnia.

happycamper commented on Ninjas being ninjas

Completely unrelated, but funny

happycamper commented on Forgot his slippers for the hot sand

So, that's where that coffin dance comes from:

happycamper commented on U.S. adults look to scientific organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, rather than their president, to lead the country's response to the coronavirus pandemic

This shouldn't be surprising under any circumstances. Times when ONE person is to be looked at while critical decisions of all kinds are being made, should be gone forever.

happycamper commented on Cat watching bird documentary in bed?

Now that is one focused cat 😊

happycamper commented on France passes law forcing online platforms to delete hate-speech content within 24 hours

The problem is how do you define a 'hate speech'. I realized when being active on FB platform, whatever comment (no matter how hateful, sexist or violent it was) I reported, it NEVER went against 'FB community policies', so it was left floating around with all of the mean crap written in it. It was just waste of time trying report it.

happycamper commented on It's moving day 🏡

I was amused when realizing how project manager initiated a command and ran away 😃

happycamper commented on Hail in Texas

Don't think there will be any fruit or veggies left to grow there this season.

happycamper commented on No touchy the doggo?

No touchy, no no. Doggo no snack.

happycamper commented on This woman owns a whole bunch of opussums

Very creepy 😳

happycamper commented on This moose is harmless and affectionate

On average there are over 700 moose vehicle accidents only in Newfoundland (Canada), involving several human deaths, not including accidents under $1000 or near misses.

That is the problem. There are far too many of them and they do not have natural predators (at least not in Newfoundland) so their population grows constantly.

happycamper commented on This moose is harmless and affectionate

They are friendly, but very dangerous when migrating/walking around because they have no idea what they are doing and how harmful that can be.

happycamper commented on I'M SO BORED

He volunteered to do some carpet cleanup ?

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