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Nedez commented on Not an ordinary day at work 😭😭😭

I can't believe what I just saw. I give it to the police officer! He has a great level of emotional intelligence and self restraint. Can't say for sure if I'll react the same way in a very calm and composed manner if I was in his shoes.

Nedez commented on 🔥 Seems like a painting

Nice photography of one of the fiercest animal of the jungle

Nedez commented on A sea star that's more like a sea pentagon

A beauty to behold. Looks majestic although it takes more of the look of a kite flying in the sky.

Nedez commented on Lego piece falls out of New Zealand boy's nose after being stuck for two years: Sameer Anwar's parents thought the lost piece of Lego was long gone – until their son took a great big sniff of a plate of cupcakes

How on earth did that child survive all these years without going into respiratory distress or having asthma? This is incredible and I wonder what instigated the sneezing response. Maybe the piece was finally ready to leave its location😅

Nedez commented on A perfect triangle pattern on this clover

Natural is truly beautiful and this is an example of one of such occurrences.

Nedez commented on The way the wind keeps this sheet moving

Creepy but still entertaining. If this happened at night, surely one would tag it a ghost inhabiting the sheet and there would be nothing cool about it anymore🤣🤣

Nedez commented on This is a very effective honeybee

Surely an up and doing working class bee in its clan. 😂... caught on duty representing its colony

Nedez commented on My vein plant pretends to die every other day so I filmed her being dramatic

Definitely dramatic. What an attention loving plant

Nedez commented on An excellent way to cut a pineapple

Wow, this is clean and leaves one with lots of pineapple to eat. But, I wonder if it would work for large sizes of pineapple

Nedez commented on Facebook is a global threat to public health, Avaaz report says. "Superspreaders" of health misinformation have no barriers to going viral on the social media giant

Facebook has always been a good sure of information which if recently, due to many fake media groups, has been degraded to a community filled with hateful and wrong information. Everybody just wants a like and these days, bad news detrimental to health sure does get those likes and shares unfortunately.

Nedez commented on Google Has a Plan to Disrupt the College Degree Its new certificate program for in-demand jobs takes only six months to complete and will be a fraction of the cost of college, Google will treat it as equivalent to a four-year degree

This is what happens when there is a new normal. Why wait for 4 years when you can get it done in months? I hope the curriculum isn't overwhelming though.

Nedez commented on Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Finally, a great smartwatch from someone other than Apple

I'm glad Samsung is entering the market of watch to beat the standard the Apple company has set.

Nedez commented on Florida is going to release 750 million mosquitoes genetically engineered to decimate the mosquito population - When the modified bugs reproduce with regular ones, their female offspring won't survive, resulting in a massive decline in the number of disease-carrying mosquitos

If this works, can it be tried out in Africa? The population of the malaria spreading insects need to be reduced or better still cleared so the beauty of the continent can be explored without fear of death from malaria attached.

Nedez commented on Photoshop done right

This is amazing and A true work of a professional. What an upgrade in life just with a software!

Nedez commented on Trump cabinet officials voted in 2018 meeting to separate migrant kids

How would these officials feel if they were cutoff from their kids? Now they should liken it to how these Parents would feel being cut off from their children most at very young age.

Nedez commented on Penn State students party outside freshman dorms, flout coronavirus safety rules, during move-in week — Thousands of people signed an online petition to 'send all PSU freshmen home after breaking corona rules”

Well, this is what you get when WHO keeps giving contrasting information on who is liable to die easily on contracting the virus. These ones feel they are invisible so I guess that's why they don't bother about the implications of their reckless actions.

Nedez commented on Syria has accused President Donald Trump of stealing the country's oil, after U.S. officials confirmed that a U.S. company has been allowed to operate there in fields under the control of a Pentagon-backed militia

Trumps agenda to make America great again is now seen as inside by many countries and this one is surely one of it. Or it could be another agenda to make him loose in the coming elections.

Nedez commented on Tennessee greenlights teachers returning to class even if they've been exposed to COVID-19

Now that's more reason students should be tested so the true source of the spread can be easily curbed. One wouldn't want to be free from the virus at their homes prolly with one vulnerable parent only for the ward to go to school and get it home to these ones with high death chances.

Nedez commented on Brazilian supermarket covers a deceased worker's body with umbrellas to keep store open

That's not humane. There could be traces of deadly exudes leaving the dead body into the atmosphere from where it gets inhaled into the body. What kind of profit making venture is this store owner running that warrants such action? Surely disappointing

Nedez commented on Man dies in Arizona after being restrained by police on hot tarmac for six minutes

Not again. When would they ever learn that not everyone walking the surface of the earth is 100% healthy or free of drugs? I hope this doesn't spark up any unnecessary protests.

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