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z-alferdous commented on Forced inside, climate activists are making noise from their living rooms

since its IT era we are changing every possible thing from offline to online. then what's wrong with a protest? voices for climate has to go on anyhow. the world is already repaying for what it has been to the climate. if the climate is not restored soon we are going to face a really big disaster, consequences of which will be incalculable. thus, you can never just sit back to see what happens next.

z-alferdous commented on Fact Check: Trump says the US coronavirus mortality rate is 'one of the lowest' in the world

how come such a stupid guy be the US president? 52,400 deaths seems a small number to him?

z-alferdous commented on Hey, what is this? Haven't seen this here before

What is that creature? Or am I too dumb to not know about this? But that looks really humble.. Not hostile at all.

z-alferdous commented on Cool clay animation

Ahh... When will I grow up!? I still enjoy such things so much. I wonder from where do people get so much patience,and look at me... Do not have enough patience to edit my vedio and post it onto social networking sites... Sigh

z-alferdous commented on The superhero we've all been waiting for

Ha ha ha.... That is hilarious ?. Am I too devil as I am happy for its gone ?

z-alferdous commented on Service dog meets Donald Duck. Feels comfortable right away.

Aww... That is so adorable. Golden retriever is always such cute. I wish I had one ?

z-alferdous commented on 3D printed Möbius gears

Am I the only one who finds it a little bit hypnotising?
The one who designed and developed it, I must say deserves a hats off. This is so flawless.

z-alferdous commented on And then a squirrel showed up

Ha ha ha..... I would love that until and unless it bites me. Such a lovely creature.

z-alferdous commented on Tiny bananas

Wow... The thumbnail made me believe they are for real. I never get the fact, where from the people get so much patience..!!?
Anyways I love banana. This small is not going to work for me.

z-alferdous commented on The lionhugger

First Kevin Richardson and now she. Oh my goodness, how many people I am going to be jealous of in a single life. When will a lion hug me?

z-alferdous commented on Tiny ceramics

This looks so pleasing but I never had this much patience to do this kind of stuffs.

z-alferdous commented on NHS coronavirus app: How does contact tracing work and when can you download it? 

Well, i think even though it sounds very effective but it Itself is going to take a little longer to be effective as it requires at least 60% of adults to participate.
And people may not be that much encouraged to get engaged with this app. I Mean, who would want to be traced for 24/7? Even if they install the app they may leave the phone behind if they don't the authority to know his whereabout. In that case the app is useless.

z-alferdous commented on Help! Some strange creature is stealing my food!

Cats are always so good at making faces. Each of them looks like a drama queen to me. I mean, just look at his expression. Oh my lord...

z-alferdous commented on Not even from the chair

Ha ha ha.... I am dieing out of laughter. I guess she was just way too excited.

z-alferdous commented on Together we view

I have never seen such a good friendship between a cat and a dog. Dogs are always lovable though ?

z-alferdous commented on Wolf reportedly spotted in northern France for first time in over 100 years

Yes, the nature is restoring itself. The nature doesn't need us to save it, instead we need it. The damage we have done to it is incalculable. Its time to repay. The nature is just kicking us out.

z-alferdous commented on Coronavirus in Latin America: How bad could it get?

Already many countries have seen the consequences of being lenient to the crisis. Let's just hope the virus doesn't spread uncontrolled there as well(finger crossed ?). No one alone can overcome this crisis, both the government as well as the people have to stand together to minimise the damage.
Yes, the economy is going to be effected a lot. But that's what the whole world is going to face not any one country. If lifes are saved economy can be worked on together.

z-alferdous commented on Bill gates is the top target for coronavirus conspiracy theories

Right you are, its a win win situation. The world gets help so does he gets promoted.

z-alferdous commented on Bill gates is the top target for coronavirus conspiracy theories

Yes, I am really worried about where this thing is leading us towards ?

z-alferdous commented on Coronavirus sparks rise in fake medical gear and cybercrime

I wish I could atleast direct covid-19 towards these brats.

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