Trump campaign loses 5 more cases in Pennsylvania Supreme Court decisionThe Pa. Supreme Court issued opinions rejecting five lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign aimed at invalidating 8,329 ballots cast in the 2020 presidential contest over technical concerns.

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Lago di Carezza, Nova Levante, BZ, Italy
I love her

Late Justice Scalia's son blasts Harris for insinuating Catholic charity a hate groupScalia also hinted at possible tangles between a Biden administration and the Catholic Church over birth control coverage mandates imposed under Obamacare but repealed by the Trump administration.

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Germany's 'eternal chancellor' Angela Merkel marks 15 years in officeIn power so long she has been dubbed Germany's 'eternal chancellor', Angela Merkel marked 15 years at the helm of Europe's top economic power on Sunday with her popularity intact and public trust in…

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The red sweater dog

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Yvonne Strahovski
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