Perfectly aligned fries and sauce with a perfect mix of colours on a boardCredit: _jun_yi_
Lady_Indigo avatarLevel 13

ALL THE CARBS! Now I am hungry.

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DeDana avatarLevel 8

Just stick with the sweet potato chips and you're fine

explorersue avatarLevel 9

Oh that is a GORGEOUS photo!! Carbs, here I come.

Sarahjame avatarLevel 16

5 kinds of fries with 6 kinds of sauces! Is this even fair with the sauces?

UAH avatarLevel 14

Who makes such stuff!!!!
This is making me hungry! And how did they make such different shapes? And how did they make these sauces? I just know how to make one sauce which is a mixture of mayo and ketchup....

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Derreck avatarLevel 4Bronze award

Whoever made this sure has some great talent. It looks more like a work of art than a serving of food hahaha!!

Arnold avatarLevel 4
Arnold replied to Derreck :

I was thinking the exact same thing. It's more of art than food! Great observation there.

ICANHAS avatarLevel 28
ICANHAS replied to Arnold :

As pretty as it is, would eat all.

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