Originally, a landmark literally meant a geographic feature used by explorers and others to find their way back or through an area.

Now, a landmark includes anything that is easily recognizable, such as a monument or a building, or any other spot to designate places that might be of interest to tourists.

A few examples are the Statue of Liberty, Uluru, the Taj Mahal, Mount Everest, and the Eiffel Tower.

When we see one of those, everyone knows in which part of the world they are located.

Here are 50 landmarks for you to recognize. Are you ready for a trip around the world?

Blue-domed Church in Santorini

Blue-domed Church in Santorini
— Blue-domed Church in Santorini —
Author: MarcelGermain

St Basil Cathedral in Moscow

St Basil Cathedral in Moscow
— St Basil Cathedral in Moscow —
Author: lotusveritas

The Statue of Liberty in New York

The Statue of Liberty in New York
— The Statue of Liberty in New York —
Author: Jonathan Gropp

Machu Picchu in Peru

Machu Picchu in Peru
— Machu Picchu in Peru —
Author: westindies972

The Taj Mahal in Agra ( India )

The Taj Mahal in Agra ( India )
— The Taj Mahal in Agra ( India ) —
Author: didumdidum

The Eiffel Tower in Paris

The Eiffel Tower in Paris
— The Eiffel Tower in Paris —
Author: andrew-and-seven

The Great Sphynx at Giza

The Great Sphynx at Giza
— The Great Sphynx at Giza —
Author: upyernoz

The Chinese Wall in China

The Chinese Wall in China
— The Chinese Wall in China —
Author: kira-4

Uluru in the Northern Territory

Uluru in the Northern Territory
— Uluru in the Northern Territory —
Author: jozecuervo

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen
— The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen —
Author: Erling A

Windmills at Kinderdijk ( Holland )

Windmills at Kinderdijk ( Holland )
— Windmills at Kinderdijk ( Holland ) —
Author: avdstelt

Agia Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey

Agia Sofia Mosque in the Greek Island of Limnos
— Agia Sofia Mosque in the Greek Island of Limnos —
Author: gil-levy

Acropolis of Athens

Acropolis of Athens
— Acropolis of Athens —
Author: tears-of-eternity

Mount Fuji in Japan

Mount Fuji in Japan
— Mount Fuji in Japan —
Author: kadluba

Stonehenge in the English county of Wiltshire

Stonehenge in the English county of Wiltshire
— Stonehenge in the English county of Wiltshire —
Author: cerinia

Big Ben in London

Big Ben in London
— Big Ben in London —
Author: clarissa

Neuschwanstein in Bavaria

Neuschwanstein in Bavaria
— Neuschwanstein in Bavaria —
Author: Travis Olsen

Mount Eden crater in New Zealand

Mount Eden crater in New Zealand
— Mount Eden crater in New Zealand —
Author: brewbooks

Loch Ness in Scotland

Loch Ness in Scotland
— Loch Ness in Scotland —
Author: alibabes777

Easter Island in the Polynesian Triangle

Easter Island in the Polynesian Triangle
— Easter Island in the Polynesian Triangle —
Author: Squicker

Christo Redemptor in Rio de Janeiro

Christo Redemptor in Rio de Janeiro
— Christo Redemptor in Rio de Janeiro —
Author: paulgalbraith

Capitol Hill in Washington DC

Capitol Hill in Washington DC
— Capitol Hill in Washington DC —
Author: Nicolas Raymond

Tower of Pisa

Tower of Pisa
— Tower of Pisa —
Author: uh

Al Aqsa in Jerusalem

Al Aqsa in Jerusalem
— Al Aqsa in Jerusalem —
Author: green-des

Niagara Falls at the border of Ontario ( Canada ) and New York ( USA )

Niagara Falls at the border of Ontario ( Canada ) and New York ( USA )
— Niagara Falls at the border of Ontario ( Canada ) and New York ( USA ) —
Author: nightline

Angkor Wat at Cambodia

Angkor Wat at Cambodia
— Angkor Wat at Cambodia —
Author: 14983

The Burj in Dubai

The Burj in Dubai
— The Burj in Dubai —
Author: joel9

Bran Castle in Romania

Bran Castle in Romania
— Bran Castle in Romania —
Author: d johnson

Manneke Pis in Brussels

Manneke Pis in Brussels
— Manneke Pis in Brussels —
Author: wesley guijt

Mount Everest on the border of Tibet and Nepal

Mount Everest on the border of Tibet and Nepal
— Mount Everest on the border of Tibet and Nepal —
Author: Joe Hastings

Mecca in Saudi Arabia

Mecca in Saudi Arabia
— Mecca in Saudi Arabia —
Author: par30web

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
— Brandenburg Gate in Berlin —
Author: rickz

St Peters at Vatican City

St Peters at Vatican City
— St Peters at Vatican City —
Author: skere

Mont St Michel in France

Mont St Michel in France
— Mont St Michel in France —
Author: Adam Edwards

Mount Rushmore in South Dakota

Mount Rushmore in South Dakota
— Mount Rushmore in South Dakota —
Author: J. Stephen Conn

Victoria Falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe
— Victoria Falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe —
Author: r1ff-raff

The Grand Canyon in Arizona

The Grand Canyon in Arizona
— The Grand Canyon in Arizona —
Author: Nate zeman

Nevado Mismi in Peru ( source of the Amazon River )

Nevado Mismi in Peru ( source of the Amazon River )
— Nevado Mismi in Peru ( source of the Amazon River ) —
Author: mountainfit

Auschwitz in Poland

Auschwitz in Poland
— Auschwitz in Poland —
Author: Tomáš Teigiser

The Great Buddha of Kamakura in Tokyo

The Great Buddha of Kamakura in Tokyo
— The Great Buddha of Kamakura in Tokyo —
Author: Dmitry Valberg

Neptune and the Palace of Versailles in France

Neptune and the Palace of Versailles in France
— Neptune and the Palace of Versailles in France —
Author: Gauis Caecilius

Cape of Good Hope in South Africa

Cape of Good Hope in South Africa
— Cape of Good Hope in South Africa —
Author: Nicolas Raymond

Trevi Fountain in Rome

Trevi Fountain in Rome
— Trevi Fountain in Rome —
Author: top4

Petra in Jordan

Petra in Jordan
— Petra in Jordan —
Author: ibrahim-k

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
— Sagrada Familia in Barcelona —
Author: Alexandre Giroux

North Cape in Norway

North Cape in Norway
— North Cape in Norway —
Author: Morten Ols

Chichen Itza in Mexico

Chichen Itza in Mexico
— Chichen Itza in Mexico —
Author: biga888

Inukshuk in Canada

Inukshuk in Canada
— Inukshuk in Canada —
Author: ucumari

Lascaux in France

Lascaux in France
— Lascaux in France —
Author: christophe brocas

Table Mountain in South Africa

Table Mountain in South Africa
— Table Mountain in South Africa —
Author: miquitos
Stan avatarLevel 3

The Chinese Wall? The Great Wall of China…But awesome list.

StephenFrels avatarLevel 3

the photo of the giant Buddha of Kamakura is beautiful….however, it is not in Tokyo but a quaint, small town South of the capital

Nick avatarLevel 3

Lovely pictures – just one correction: while there is a village called Agia Sophia in Limnos in Greece, the Agia Sophia is in fact a mosque in Istanbul Turkey.

Bociephus avatarLevel 3

Big Ben is not technically a landmark because it cannot be seen unless you are standing inside the bell gallery of St. Steven’s Tower.

LTErdogan avatarLevel 2

Are you really biased against Turkey or have you never visited the country? You mention the little and unknown Hagia Sofia on Limni and not the world-famous one in Istanbul (actually both are churches originally). Visit Turkey and you can fill all 50 items on your list with the photos you will take there. This comes to you from a Belgian couple living in Turkey. Best wishes for your next trip…

shapewear avatarLevel 3

It’s like all the wonders of the world combined in a simple list for everyone to see, thank you for this share.

IrishNick avatarLevel 3

Great list but to leave out Newgrange in Ireland is hard to comprehend; it is possibly the oldest standing building in the world.

Sikter avatarLevel 3

Mount Rushmore?


Michael avatarLevel 4

The so called Al Aqsa mosque (the one with the golden dome) is NOT Al Aqsa!
The Al Aqsa Mosque has a grey dome.

This a very common mistake.

The golden domed one in this picture is called Al Sakhrah Mosque.


The Israeli infidel

Uyg avatarLevel 3

That is not the Burj. It is the Burj Al Arab hotel. The Burj building is an uncompleted building that is much taller.

Megan avatarLevel 3

Inukshuks definitely don’t belong in this list… there are thousands of them around the Canadian north, it’s not a single landmark like the rest of these monuments or buildings..

CoryAndrews avatarLevel 3

What the hell is the Christo Redemptor? Use either the portuguese name Cristo Redentor or the English name Christ the Redeemer…Don’t try making up names you don’t know =P

Carlos avatarLevel 7

They included Niagara falls and another waterfalls (which i cant recall right now) and THEY DIDN’T include Iguazú falls???? WTF? so unfair …. stupid yanks

Nate avatarLevel 4

The Statue of Liberty is actually on the the New Jersey Shore….

Dirk_Silver avatarLevel 3

Masada, Israel. It’s amazing…
Wailing Wall, Jerusalem, Israel.

Ando avatarLevel 3

Louvre, Opera House, Pompeii?

Conner avatarLevel 3

Thanks, It was nice to be able to see some of the great monuments of the world. I enjoyed it!!

Mas7ood avatarLevel 3

what about IRAN , it has very nice place to see .

ROB_BONER avatarLevel 2

Carlos says:
They included Niagara falls and another waterfalls (which i cant recall right now) and THEY DIDN’T include Iguazú falls???? WTF? so unfair …. stupid yanks

Carlos you are an IDIOT….the woman who published this is from Belgium. Most of Niagra Falls are in Canada so don’t blame the “stupid yanks” you dick

polymorphic avatarLevel 2

Nice pics.
To quel some of these “touchy” internauts, just rename your post to “50 important landmarks of the world” There are others, but these are cool to see in one place. Do another one ” Another 50 important…..” with suggestions from the gallery.

The inuksuk may have been used for navigation, as a point of reference, a marker for travel routes, fishing places, camps, hunting grounds, places of veneration, drift fences used in hunting or as a food cache. The Inupiat in northern Alaska used inuksuit to assist in the herding of caribou into contained areas for slaughter. Varying in shape and size, the inuksuit have longtime roots in the Inuit culture.

Historically the most common type of inukshuk is a single stone positioned in an upright manner. An inuksuk is often confused with an inunnguaq, a cairn representing a human figure. There is some debate as to whether the appearance of human- or cross-shaped cairns developed in the Inuit culture before the arrival of European missionaries and explorers. The size of some innaguait suggest that the construction was often a communal effort. Wikipedia

FronkyTonk avatarLevel 3

Newgrange/Boyne Valley
Sceilig Mhichíl

Ireland has many unbelievable sites

Bri avatarLevel 3

What about the sydney opera house in Australia?

Proud_Romanian avatarLevel 26

You did put Castle of Bran, which is in Bran, Romania to be more specific, but you did not put the Sphinx(Sfinx) from Bucegi Mountains, the Old Ladies or “Babele(romanian name)” from the same mountains, the People’s House from Bucharest which is the largest building in Europe. Don’t you think that things like that should be posted in some photographs? I mean they really are landmarks. Anyhow good photography.

name avatarLevel 3

manekin piss??? mermaid? WTF…

Geez avatarLevel 3

Dirk – Don’t tell me, you’re from Isreal. Well I could name half a dozen things that didn’t make it from my country either.

gfdihts avatarLevel 2

Sistine Chapel in Vatican City??? Forbidden City in China??? Hollywood Sign in LA — lacks grandeur, but known the world over. Times Square, NY?? Ephesus in Turkey. Temple of Luxor in Egypt. Abu Simbal in Egypt. Hoover Dam. The Acropolis.

Ceci avatarLevel 3

Beautiful sites but you left out “The Galapagos Islands” and the “Mitad del Mundo” (Middle of the Earth) in Ecuador which are truly beautiful!

Dw avatarLevel 3

Berlin dom!

Bond avatarLevel 3

Um..Canada has a lot more recognizable landmarks then the Inukshuk. Try CN tower maybe?

Debbie avatarLevel 3

thanks for putting these pictures together-enjoyed-looking forward to the next one’s!

PunjaHSK avatarLevel 3

The Beautiful World .Every bit of it is enjoyable.Let us Preserve it .

Dad avatarLevel 4

Dear Complainers-
Take the time to make your own damn list of landmarks then.
Let us know when you have all the great photos together and are ready to share.

Raya avatarLevel 3

heyyy i loveeed going through this list. honestly thank you so much for making it…i just dont understand why that dubai thing made it and the CN tower didnt…..

Don avatarLevel 4

This list isn’t complete Yosemite with Half Dome , El Capitan and all of the falls were left out

Dave avatarLevel 3

You include the Burj in Dubai but leave out Sydney Opera House?
Or the Empire State Building?
Or the Pyramids of Cheops?

And I would suggest the Spire in Dublin is worthy of mention.

Greg_Barber avatarLevel 3

These are really cool, I would love a little information on each.

max avatarLevel 3

i think the photo is not al-aqsa but dome of the rock.

Tilicho_peak_Expedition avatarLevel 2

Mount Tilicho Peak is towers at the height of 7,134m. Mountaineers rate this as a technical climb, and not so easy. There are two ways to reach up to Base Camp. Tilicho Peak expedition starts up with a drive Khudi followed by several days trekking to the Tilicho Base Camp via Manang and Khansar Village as well as another way is a short mountain flight from Pokhara brought us to the dry and dusty hill town of Jomsom as well as start from Beni Bazaar to Jomsom. From here we proceed east and north to cross the high and very difficult Mesokanto Pass at an altitude of 5300m. At the top of the pass we managed to locate some marine fossils (shells) which testify to the fact that the Himalayas was once beneath the sea. We choose the first idea as this allows enough time for acclimatization and less difficulties for taking all the logistics. The views on the routes are breath taking; anything that can surpass your imagination. What you see is Tilicho Peak and the azure and peaceful Tilicho Lake below. It is a glacial lake and unfriendly to marine life. People say they often find marine fossils (shells) that probably support the fact that the Himalayas were once beneath the sea.

Paula_Bain avatarLevel 3

The photographs were beautiful and truly recognizable…so the lady made some errors…so what? The title of the piece is The 50 Most Important Landmarks…not The World’s Most Important Landmarks. Collect a list of ALL the important landmarks in the world and you will find that by the time you have finished the list, the world will have built so many more that you will be busy for the rest of your life keeping the list up-to-date!

bobby avatarLevel 3

two words giants causway . northern ireland but im biased

MTB avatarLevel 3

How could they not include the Dead Sea in Israel?!
It’s the lowest elevation on the Earth’s surface on dry land, plus, IT IS AWSOME!!!

josfitz avatarLevel 3

Some of the photos are very good; many do not capture the essence of the landmark. Also, the titling needs work, for example, “The Chinese Wall in China”, I believe everyone knows and refers to it as The Great Wall. Errors of the types above detract.

josfitz avatarLevel 3

SCOTT SAID: “fab photos… one thing, horse shoe falls ( Niagara falls ) are entirely in Canada… the US falls are taken from a different angle… and not in the photo…”

Scott, if I may, your comment is not quite accurate. The international boundary places all of what is commonly referred to as the American Falls and one half of the Horseshoe Falls commonly referred to as the Canadian Falls within the United States. The boundary divides the Horseshoe Falls exactly in the middle.

Scott’s mistake is a common enough one. That said the best view of the Falls by far is from the Canadian side and that is where we always stay when we visit the Falls. A stupid Yank.

Sara avatarLevel 5

i think that you should make the Burj Khalifa and not the Burg Al Arab in Dubai, UAE the important sight to see. also include the grande bazaar in Istanbul and Tikal in Guatemala.

Jay avatarLevel 3

that isn’t the Burj Dubai…

alan_gorrell avatarLevel 3

Great pictures. Love the Santorini image, I have sat with that view a few times enjoying a nice cold beer. One of lifes pleasures.

lindzi avatarLevel 3

I think that u should include the giants causeway, here in Northern Irealnd. Its totally unique and an unbeleivable natural wonder! @ baciephus – u can see big ben from anywhere nearby!

David avatarLevel 3

lindzi: Technically, Bg Ben is the BELL that chimes the hours. The clock and the tower are, in fact, known as the clock (or tower clock) and the the clock tower, respectively.

Carson44 avatarLevel 2

I’m going to respectfully disagree with you and site Google earth’s depiction of the U.S.border. If the measuring tool is used it shows Horseshoe falls 680 feet in the U.S.A./New York and 1270 feet in Canada/Ontario. Josfitz is correct in that the Canadian side has a much better view and they have developed their side much better because of the view. I live about 5 hours drive from the falls and have been there many times but never tire of the view. Awsome is a much overused word nowadays but accurate when used to describe this special place. Many thanks to Hilleke for putting this site together.

climb57 avatarLevel 3

where is the pyramids

pat avatarLevel 3

i really enjoyed your pictures i find them vary intresting

Johnny avatarLevel 3

God there are so many prissy little bitches commenting here…. Stuff is mispelled: get over it. Errors were made in the details: big whoop. Your favorite landmark isn’t listed: cry a river.

Bottom line is this: the author contributed much more than any of you, so shut up and enjoy it. If you can’t do that, go somewhere else and leave the rest of us in peace.

Elson avatarLevel 3

As it once was said: “Travels broaden the mind”, well… the same applies to these pics. I’m simply taken aback and got my feet itching.

BT avatarLevel 2

How could you fail to include the BIG CHICKEN on Highway 41, Marietta, GA USA?
You could give directions to any of the fifty listed landmarks with reference to the KFC Big Chicken…

bonjour avatarLevel 3

I love these!! I am quite the traveler and can’t wait to set foot on these places;)

Jessica avatarLevel 3

The Chinese Wall? Really? Mistakes on lesser known landmarks I can understand but just about any 5 year old out there knows that the Great Wall of China is called the Great Wall. The Chinese Wall. Please fix that.

chloe avatarLevel 2

oh, please, stop being so horrible everyone! there are thousands of beautiful things in this world that arent on the list. the photos are amazing, as is every landmark on this page. this page is beautiful and its people like you who create the hate and ugly things in this world. accept the beauty this amazing individual is sharing with you

DooDoo_Face avatarLevel 3

Nate says:
The Statue of Liberty is actually on the the New Jersey Shore….

Actually Nate, it’s on Liberty Island which is in New York.
And did none of you notice that there’s a page with another 50 which includes CN Tower, and most of the other things you’re bitching aren’t on this list.

Hot_Carl avatarLevel 2

wtf. Some random building that was built in Dubai makes the list but shit like the Golden Gate bridge or the Sydney Opera House don’t? What about the Liberty Bell in Philly? That bell symbolises the US more than anything else in the country.

kevin avatarLevel 3

The Statue of Liberty is in New York. The land around it is concidered state of New Jersey. statue of liberty is also in Vegas!!! why was that not on this list?

Faez avatarLevel 3

Did any one visit one of the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world and saw it’s citadel?
It is the citadel of Aleppo, in SYRIA; folks you should consider this visit in your life time.

Jai_Kumar avatarLevel 26

This is some thing really cool… I love the stuff..

jessieboy avatarLevel 3

hey…. that inukshuk in canada is in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.. polar bear capital… if anyone wants to know…lol

Zain_Kirmani avatarLevel 3

You forgot the Taj Mahal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mohsin_Faza avatarLevel 3

Fabulous Photos. I wish some of Forts in India specially of Rajasthan are included in the list so also Fatehpur Sikri, and the Temples in India. Dargah at Ajmer Sharrief needs consideration also.

Lukasz avatarLevel 3

I felt a bit wounded how Polish that Auschwitz in Poland is treated like landmark.

Gian avatarLevel 3

You’re definitely missing more than one landmark from Venezuela.

davi107 avatarLevel 3

Ok! correct, dont change the name ..”CRISTO REDENTOR” – RJ – BRAZIL. Obrigado.

Lisa avatarLevel 4


Felipe avatarLevel 3

Aushwitz, the landmark of poland? Seriously??
I know it might be difficult to choose, but that was just mean…

Carl avatarLevel 3

Prague Castle? Have you seen it?!?


Amerijew avatarLevel 3

Yeah that is the Dome of the Rock, not Al Aqsa. Also, I think the western wall in Jerusalem should be included in this.

IRKED avatarLevel 3

This is only a list of 50, they’re not gonna put 7 landmarks from Venezuela or Israel or India or the states or any other single state on the globe you fucking morons.

hilleke avatarLevel 8

I never meant to insult anyone by not including their favourite landmark… I don’t know every landmark on the face of this earth, I tried to post landmarks from different continents, and from different religions.
I am sorry posting the photo of Auschwitz hurt some people. My grandfather died there, I visited that place and to me it’s a very important landmark. It all depends on how you look at things…
What I did fail to do, is double-check some of the sources. I take full responsibility for any mistakes I made.
You can have a look at part two, maybe you’ll find your favourite landmark there.

Rayma avatarLevel 3

This would be a great bucket list. I have been fortunate to see some of these wonderful places.

Damian avatarLevel 3

Thank you for a wonderful and entertaining display of photography from great places around the world!

amik avatarLevel 3

how about Borobudur Temple in Indonesia and in Bali ?

Gregor avatarLevel 4

great list, apart from the mermaid in Copenhagen and the fountain in Brussels. Both very disappointing

Paulo_Melo avatarLevel 3

Just one word BEAUTIFUL

Scott avatarLevel 3

Jordan asked where the CN tower is, it is indeed in Toronto.

Irked, maybe a little anger management, HUM???

elina avatarLevel 3

A lovely bunch of photos, however it would be a better list with a few corrections. The two most bothersome to me: The Chinese Wall (huh??), and the fact that there is no place called ‘Inukshuk’ in Canada (though I’m sure there are Inukshuks in plenty of gorgeous Canadian spaces).

Maggie avatarLevel 3

Did anyone else notice that Capitol Hill actually doesn’t have a fountain or those Italian-looking steps in front of it?

claire avatarLevel 2

good list. why is everyone complaining and correcting?!? my gosh, do you need attention that badly or can you not just appreciate something that doesn’t involve your opinion? it might not be each individual person’s top 50, but it’s a good list!

Peter avatarLevel 3

I may not agree with the entire selection, but it is nevertheless a great one, and I appreciate the effort which has led to this wonderful collection of photos.

Marc_Averette avatarLevel 3

Nice, but Big Ben isn’t in that photo. Big Ben is the bell that’s inside the clock tower, not the tower itself.

Ella avatarLevel 3

Makes me realize how far I’ve come in the world. I’m 15 years old, and have already seen 11 of the pics live. My goal is ofcourse all of them…

Lia avatarLevel 3

Did anyone else noticed what looks like the anarchy symbol carved into the center of the Mount Eden crater in New Zealand? Haha.

Chad avatarLevel 3

These are all very good except one.. Mt Eden? Really? I’m from Auckland myself and can happily say that the mt eden crater isn’t in the same league as the sphinx or Versailles.

Hanlie avatarLevel 2

Yay! Two landmarks from beautiful South Africa!

To all the haters:
The lovely lady who compiled the list is from Belgium. Maybe “The Chinese Wall” is a direct translation form how they say it in Flemish. (It is if translated from Afrikaans so I’m guessing)
Not everyone calls it “The Great Wall of China”, you know, Geez.

So to Jessica who said:
“The Chinese Wall? Really? Mistakes on lesser known landmarks I can understand but just about any 5 year old out there knows that the Great Wall of China is called the Great Wall. The Chinese Wall. Please fix that.”

Every AMERICAN 5 year old maybe… so really, there is nothing to fix except your narrow-mindedness.

Kate avatarLevel 3

If you all have a problem with such trivial errors, go make your own lists! You can include exact latitude and longitudinal coordinates if you are really that picky. And you can include all of the “right” landmarks, because obviously these incredible ones are simply not suitable. For God’s sake, leave the woman alone. Enjoy her beautiful photography or pick a different website.

Alan_Raj avatarLevel 3

You forgot The Merlion in Singapore

no_name avatarLevel 3

ive been to so many of these!

For_the_Record avatarLevel 3

These are some cool picks, and several are slightly to moderately incorrect, however i really dont think this should have been such a big issue for people.

hilleke avatarLevel 8


Hypersky avatarLevel 2

Hi hilleke. Great pictures, great list! About Inukshuk in Canada:

“Inukshuk” is not a single landmark. There is no place in Canada called “Inukshuk”. There are many inuksuit (plural for inuksuk) in many different places in Canada. They are “landmarks”, but there is no single landmark called “Inukshuk”, and not one of them would qualify to be on this list on it’s own.

See the wikipedia entry for it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inuksuk .

Great pictures, great list! Thanks ?

lucy avatarLevel 3

well id say this is amzing but a lil mistakes boys

riitaa avatarLevel 3

Amazing pictures of natural and man made wonder. It is very nice thank you for sharing

Caroline avatarLevel 2

Newgrange in Co. Meath in Ireland is 1500 years older than Stonehenge and 500 years older than the pyramids in Egypt and far more interesting and significant than both, the way it was built, the incredible intelligence and talent taken to build it, there are hundreds of stone circles just as amazing as stone henge all around Ireland, but the passage tomb at Newgrange is something else altogether, it was meticulously made around 3000 BC and the Stone Age people had to study the moon and stars, The 500 pound rocks were transported from about a 100 miles away with nothing more than hands, the roof is made by corbelling and 5000 years later not a drop of water has got inside, it is amazing, they were incredible architects, builders, geologists, astronomers etc. Newgrange is a truly remarkable site which deserves to be the top of this list.

sisi avatarLevel 2

no need to argue, of course the list is very very long, the beauties in this world cannot be listed like this… nor the ugliness unfortunately… i could not help but skipped auschwitz, of course each and every person should remember the ugliness in the past for the sake of the future, but i just wanted to look at the beauty, made by nature or humankind, for a couple of minutes..

but anyway, really nice photos above…

Shirley_Temple avatarLevel 3

Wow!!!! great list, wonderful photography, and a very inspiring motivator to see all these and more ? i very much enjoyed scrolling through them.

personally, may i suggest some sights from Croatia? it seems to be the worlds best kept travel secret. if you havent been there, look into it. AMAZING photography opportunities. Thanks again!

Highlandpirate avatarLevel 3

How come Loch Ness got a mention, even I don’t recognise it and I live in Urquhart Castle.

juan avatarLevel 3

According to archaeologists paintings of Altamira Cave is more representative than the Lascaux cave.

Vickie avatarLevel 3

Great pics Hilleke! This list did for me what I suspect you intended: Remind us of the beauty of the world and inspire us to see more of it. To her critics: You did a great job nit picking the hell out of her efforts…without adding an iota of value. Any idiot can criticize. There…now I’ve joined the crippled masses who specialize in criticizing the efforts of others. I’m off to seek redemption.

Manitoba avatarLevel 3

Hi, Just want to clarify the Inukshuk for everyone….I live across the street from that Inukshuk, in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. This is the Polar Bear Capitol of the World, as well as a very unique community on the edge of the Arctic. Check it out. This Inukshuk landmark should be on everyones bucket list. Just could have been labelled a little better…

Christine avatarLevel 3

Jeez, people….stop complaining about the places that didn’t make the list and just enjoy the pictures of the beautiful places that did. There are just too many phenomenally beautiful places in this world to include them all in one simple article. This is a great basis for someone to begin their travels.
And for the person who complained about Mount Rushmore being on the list, it should be. Its construction was just amazing, and it represents the first 150 years of American history. This is a list of landmarks. Mount Rushmore was built to attract tourists to South Dakota, and since it brings in over two million visitors every year, I would definitely call it a landmark.

Colin avatarLevel 3

What about the Sydney Opera house?

Cam avatarLevel 3

All these landmarks are truly amazing…now i know things were misspelled and note-worthy places weren’t listed, but hey, all the places listed were amazing were they not? So we all should agree that the writer of this peace put together something great to share and it irritates me that she went through all the work of making a sequel just to satisfy all the dumb asses that could not appreciate quality work! On behalf of most of us i would like to apologize to the writer, you did an amazing job and they just couldn’t look past their closed minded ways to see it. All the photos were great! ?

Angela avatarLevel 3

Great educational page. Showed my 9 year olds – very interested.

Mr.Loto avatarLevel 3

The pictures are spectacular, it’s hard to say which is the most beautiful but I am very intrigued by Petra and Machu Picchu.

Best regards

Subey avatarLevel 3

Cool site. Thankyou for inspiring me to see a bit more of the world. Don’t worry about the negative comments. I bet you the same people are posting negative comments on every thing they look at.

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The Swillcan Bridge and the Old Course at St Andrews ?

Barsha avatarLevel 3

They are really amazing and beautiful, awesome

Stuart avatarLevel 3

Wow!!! thank u very much for all this images.

Nate avatarLevel 4

??what the hell no mic donalds double M? this is Blasphemy!!

Jer avatarLevel 4

Come on people, give this lady a break! These pictures were of SOME of the most important landmarks and they were beautiful!

Grant avatarLevel 3

Some beautiful pictures, thanks for taking the time to take and compile them.
Can’t believe the negative comments, just enjoy or make your own list!

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Great pictures but I definitely thought that a few more Roman and Greek landmarks should’ve also made the cut. The Colosseum, the Pantheon & the Parthenon just to name a few.

PeaceRiver_Alberta avatarLevel 3

Thanks for a great trip ‘down memory lane’ for places I have been and for tweeking my desire to see some of the places I have yet to visit. This is indeed a greaty world made better by people like you who bring it to us in photos.

Meir avatarLevel 3

So, I’ve seen 22 of the 50 and am scheduled to see Petra in late July. Does that mean I haven’t wasted my life?

I would love to see all the rest (except Mecca, where I am forbidden to go).

San Jose

Cindy avatarLevel 3

Mt Eden in New Zealand? Really? LOL. Honestly, that pitiful mountain is nowhere near as amazing as the other landmarks. And I’m from New Zealand, so I can vouch for that.

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I am speechless looking at these amazing pictures.

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Thanks, for this Picture.
It really really amazing moment when saw this pictures, and again thanks this picture.

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It is the most awesome site I have come across in a long time and I love the resolution and size of the pics…it makes these places all the more classic and legendary….

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The Statue of Liberty is pushing it already, but Capitol Hill a landmark? Nobody outside of America gives a crap.

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What about Rio De Janeiro??

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Amazing Places. Wish to be there right now ?

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really amazing photos.wish to see all these placess

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I like this work you’ve done very much! Congratulations!

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i love all those picture, i have learn so much! its all so beautiful

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why is the Underground River in Palawan Philippines is not included???

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its wonderful to see how many beautiful landmarks there are.

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what about the HOLLYWOOD SIGN!

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dunno says:
The Statue of Liberty is pushing it already, but Capitol Hill a landmark? Nobody outside of America gives a crap.

Wow, you obviously are a very ignorant person. Good luck in life.

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Nice set of photos yet….Where is the CN tower

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Stupid critics shut the fuck up. The pictures you took are awesome, it really blew me away how well u captured the beauty in every single photo. Who cares if every little thing is not technically correct, you wanna add a landmark, make your own site! Fantastic job, really enjoyed your work.

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Why Santo Angel fall in Venezuela is not here?

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What about the colosseum? …

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Damn people, stop complaining! It clearly says, “50 of the Most Important”. Just 50. All of the other ones are included. The pictures are beautiful. Stop sucking down on that Haterade and enjoy what you have. Look at google for your other landmarks….smh.

An 18 yr old Californian who told you off, uh thank you =]

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Nice,I suggest you can add Sigiriya in Sri Lanka to this collection

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Nichole is right ,Why Complain. Every Chlid to his mother is more beautiful yhan beautiful Josef

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Wow, stfu you complainers. no one cares if YOUR favorite landmark didnt make HER list. She’s mostly right though, right? RIGHT? stfu people, no one even really cares about your “missing” landmarks either. As far as muslim mosques and mecca, I couldnt help but think how awesome it would be to drop a nuclear bomb in that mecca thing.

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why not the Golden Gate Bridge??

Kristin avatarLevel 3

Check out the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland if you ever get a chance.

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nice collection of locations. Have only been to a few, so my travel list is still open.

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Thanks for this lovely list, and really stunning photos! Think you might want to change the ‘Chinese Wall in China’ to the Great Wall – a ‘Chinese Wall’ is a term used in finance, to separate people who must not share information due to risk of insider trading!

But other than that, great list, very beautiful

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who make this list, dosen’t know Argentina

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Thanks! So amazing and impressive.

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Amazing pictures! ? ?

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I lived for Auckland for 2 years, went to Mt. Eden, along with all of the other dormant volcanoes in the area (Mt. Roskill, One Tree Hill, Mt. Albert, etc.) many times, and found Mt. Eden to be the most boring one of them all. Not that impressive. Kinda disappointing this made the list, but oh well.

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little mermaid? that statue is the biggest cocktease of all time – its not only not a landmark – its less interesting than fifty monuments in your local cemetery – please when you go to copenhagen do anything but find this dumb little tourist titbit

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Errrm.. Kilimonjaro????

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Inukshuk in Canada – zici k s-au jucat niste copii cu bolovanii de la balta :))

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When I saw this via Stumble, is amazing. 50 sights are very beautiful. I like the Macu Pichu ?

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thanks for the interesting pictures and selection! I am just laughing so hard at how childish we humans are: everyone thinks their country and their landmark is the best… it’s just so funny!

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Thank you for putting these beautiful photos together for us to enjoy. When I was a child I thought I would see the world. Well, that didn’t happen so I very much enjoy your collection to see what I missed.

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Great list. Man there are some real cynical asses out there. Also cool to see so many opinions from around the world, even if it’s a lot of complaining, The pictures are beautiful.

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thanks for sharing these photos… im amazed at how many people can’t just STFU and enjoy them! I’m sure there are plenty others that aren’t on this list. Get the F*uck over yourselves people!!!

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Very interesting! I absolutely enjoyed your post here. Brings back memories and makes me want to visit those I haven’t visited yet. Thanks for sharing!

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Lovely pics! I wish I could see all of the places! Maybe one day?

Georgine_from_Indonesia avatarLevel 3

I miss the Borobudur in Indonesia, which is one of the 7 world’s famous buildings.

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Just loved the photos..thanks for sharing

Scohan avatarLevel 2

I agree with you Mgarrom. There are doers and there are bitchers, if you don’t like all the work this woman put into her site, and all personal work is selective and relative to that person’s impressions… then you go and take pictures and build your own site. I welcome the opportunity to view these and go ‘oh, yeah. I forgot about this place’ or ‘oh yeah! love to explore that place!’ Thanks, love the concept of how important ‘landmarks’ were to our early history and still is to explorers.

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Hoi Hilleke,
Prachtige foto’s! Ongelooflijk wat sommige mensen durven te posten, seg. Hopelijk trek je je dit niet te hard aan. Het zijn prachtfoto’s. Merci!

To everyone. Please, take it easy. Hilleke is just sharing some nice pictures with the rest of us. That is a nice thing to do, not?
By the way. “Manneke Pis” in Brussels is not realy worth a visit, but is a well know statue in Belgium. So… just let it go en enjoy! Please?!

Jimmy avatarLevel 4

Well the little mermaid is a danish landmark, but imo not the biggest/best. Never the less did you know that it has been beheaded several times.! :o)

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nice photos
my god, some of you idiots will pick an arguement over ANYTHING!!

Erin avatarLevel 3

These are gorgeous pictures! And for all you complainers, there are certainly far more than 50 landmarks that are ‘must-sees’ around the world. Can you imagine trying to compose a ‘perfect’ list? Great list!

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Where is the Colosseum??????

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can there be more than 1 ny landmarks

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Wow! amazing photos…great collection u have here. U have just inspired me!

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6th picture , with the “Tour Eifel” is a delight …

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Simply beautiful. Thanks for the post

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Aushwitz Poland ?!!
Are you kidding?
How can you put such a place in this list?

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The source of the Amazon is a land mark? Really? And no Golden Gate Bridge? The Burj is in, but the Golden Gate is not? And where’s the Sydney Opera House?

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A wonderfull collection, certain many others could be added, still appreciate what is on show.

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very nice place and i was in one of this places in bacerlona

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You have allowed me to finally travel the way I’ve always wanted to – but in my case, “money” is an object that can only be cured by the winning the lottery! I have a lot of life left in me but I’m running out of years and health. You’ve made it possible for me to “visit” so many places and I intend to print and frame some of them so I may look at them whenever I please. Your talent, as well as your willingness to share tells us that you have a heart as great as your gift for true photography. I was really surprised at the”nasties” that had the stupidity to share their true self using ugly words to “try” to prove how more superior they were to you . . . . with their type of comments, I’m surprised they even bothered to look at the magnificent photos. A coloring book would be more to their style – that is, until they finally grow up! Now I must go to the next “50” and enjoy more of GOD’s world. Thank you. . thank you . . thank you.

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I’m impressed. By God’s Grace I’d like to see all those places with my own eyes. Lucky hilleke, thanks for the pics.

PEPPA avatarLevel 3

nice photos

but… my god, some of you idiots will pick an arguement over ANYTHING!!

give it a rest, you sad people

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thats not the Burj O_o

albania avatarLevel 3

what a lovely places and pictures

Armands avatarLevel 3

Your list looks pretty good. Some of the landmarks might be questionable, but it is your list and no one should argue ?

trollophone avatarLevel 3


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wooow…a great pic…all of lovely place that i want to be there…

Joe avatarLevel 4

Wow there are some amazing photos here! I’ve been luck enough to see quite a few of these landmarks but I still have a lot to go…

Khb avatarLevel 3

Jeita Lebanon is missing

Lise_Griffiths avatarLevel 3

Wow! I absolutley LOVE the Neuschwanstein, Bavaria one (near the beginning) It’s so amazing, it looks like a fairytale and its such a great photo! I also like how there is good varied selection here. Inspiring!

Amanada avatarLevel 3

All these landmarks are so awesome. All over the world there are such amazing structures that represent all sorts of cultures! I’d love to see more of these in person some day!

Vrila avatarLevel 3

loved all

carin avatarLevel 3

if you’re going to show the western-most point in Africa, surely you should show the eastern-most point in North America? Cape Spear, in St. John’s, NL, Canada – it’s beautiful

Urban_Ghosts avatarLevel 2

That’s a fantastic list and the photos are incredible. Stonehenge is incredible but personally I’ve always been rather partial to Avebury. Also the Burg al Arab hotel – although a pretty impressive building – kind of pales into the background compared to some of the other images.

JuanCalop avatarLevel 3

Only place in Jerusalem is a Mosque?????!!!!
¡Por favor!

brookelovesmark avatarLevel 3

awesome but what about the marble falls

Tim avatarLevel 3

Stunning photo’s, especially like Lock Ness & Table Mountain.

Logan avatarLevel 3

Hahaha!! Do not got to Mt Eden Crater in New Zealand, you will probably just get beaten up by maori’s. So much better to go see

Annika avatarLevel 3

Great!!! But I personally would add Cappadocia in Turkey. Have just been visiting it and it was amazing!

Nomadic_Samuel avatarLevel 3

A wonderful list! I was so glad you included Angkor Wat as one of the 50 .

Kath_SA avatarLevel 3

Nice to see Cape Town on there twice ?

Sally avatarLevel 3

Carlos I agree- Iguazu deserves to be here!

Sarahjame avatarLevel 16

These are really some of the best clicks I have seen!

Karl_Hanna avatarLevel 3

you totally missed several important and prominent landmarks, Golden Gate bridge- in San Fransisco, The Dom- Koln, Germany, Norte dam Cathedral, Pentegon, Washington Monumnet, so many others…..

mikato_vave avatarLevel 3


the machu picchu in peru is cool

Richard avatarLevel 3

What about the Sistine Chapel

Bob avatarLevel 3

Where’s big Ben!

Al_Girard avatarLevel 3

The photo for The Acropolis is actually a photo of The Parthenon which sits atop the Acropolis.

Eaglet avatarLevel 2

Smart move to call it “50 of the Most Important Landmarks…” and deliberately stir up a hornet’s nest of comments. You got a huge number of ideas to continue with from people who seem to look for an excuse to be offended. That pleases them – and the rest of us are certainly pleased with these beautiful photos. I’m just glad that there’s a lot more than 50 incredible sights to see in this world.

tutu591 avatarLevel 3

fantastic photos, as a Roman though I’m a bit upset the Colosseum did not make it!!!

Mya avatarLevel 3

I like the photos

born_a_kiwi avatarLevel 4

Thank you so much for adding mount eden in New Zealand.
I have been there so many times and it never ceases to amaze me.

Sourav_Kumar_Mondal avatarLevel 3

All These Photos are very beautiful…………..

Molly avatarLevel 3

I’m disappointed that Chauvet Cave did not make the list. However, the list was great.

Niranjan avatarLevel 3

could you see something like the ”freemasons” symbol in the crater of mount eden ?

Sara avatarLevel 5

It’s the Hagia Sofia… With an “H” at the beginning.

Maria avatarLevel 4

Uluru is in Australia. And there are so many more fascinating landmarks in New Zealand, not that that crater isn’t interesting, but…
I know it is not possible to fit all the amazing landmarks in only 50 slots so I don’t blame anyone, I mean not many people even know about New Zealand, although the Rugby World Cup 2011 may change that a little.
Go IRELAND!!! You guys deserve to win.
Bit off track there… =:)

doobie avatarLevel 3

HDR sucks, other than that great post…

Alaa avatarLevel 3

It’s called Burj Al Arab in Dubai, not Burj Dubai

Ariot avatarLevel 2

Why don’t all of you idiots stop complaining and make your own list that you can post and the rest of the world can bitch about?

It’s just a list. It’s not called “Every Fucking Landmark in Every Country of the World” so shut up and enjoy the photos, even if some of them are misnamed.

Angie avatarLevel 3

I absolutely love the shot of St. Basil Cathedral. That’s such a whimsical place. ?

TravelingTed avatarLevel 3

I have visited 11 of these amazing landmarks. Thanks for the inspiration for visiting 39 more awesome places.

hilleke avatarLevel 8

To Laura…
As far as I know is Bavaria still a part of Germany…

explorersue avatarLevel 9

These photos are STUNNING! Thanks for this 'armchair' trip around the world. I have started making a list of places I'd like to go, and you've given me a ton of inspiration.

Vito avatarLevel 3

Great pictures! Maybe to get people less complaining you should have called the site “one of my favourite place of thee world”

Bedmap avatarLevel 3

Fantastic, a couple more places added to the ole bucket list….

Javier avatarLevel 2

Hello. I liked a lot this post. I have visited the Eiffel Tower, Kinderdjik, the Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty and the Manekin Piss. I’m Mexican, I have never been to Chichen Itza but I think that the great pyramids of Mexico are in fact the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon in Theotihuacan, it’s such an amazing place! and the Sun pyramid is enormous. Another important landmark is el Tajin. It would have been cool that you added Kolnerdom in the list as it is one of the most incredible cathedrals I have ever seen. Congratulations for your photos and trips!

crazy_sexy_fun_traveler avatarLevel 3

I visited 12 out of the 50, hopefully will visit all the rest as well ? Great photo post!

Miriam_Pineda avatarLevel 3

to irish nick i agree with you Ireland have a wounderfull places. Miriam

Chaophao avatarLevel 3

I love aii of that pic

juka14 avatarLevel 3

Very nice collection!

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Beautiful photos!

Rea_Ferns avatarLevel 3

coooollllllllll pics!!! luv them………..