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The famous story of the sleeping beauty takes 40 interesting forms in the following showcase. The probably most relaxing and good nap that... 50 Sleeping female beautiesread more »
Supermoon rising over Ketchum, Idaho


Classic dad

This is from Ricky Gervais' show 'Afterlife' Highly recommended.

387yr old shopping list found under the floorboards of a London home
3D printing is paying off
Broadway in 1900
Daedunsan, South Korea

Source: /u/NathanielMerz on Reddit

The President during a crisis
Home Improvement

More from this cartoonist:

Awesome clock design
Guy on the right takes no risks with his mask
Crater Lake, Oregon on Thanksgiving

Source: /u/hgiwvac9 on Reddit

This is the Xoloitzcuintli, also known as the Mexican Hairless Dog
Man dressed like a dog to avoid police during lockdown
The perfect answer to a religious loony

The argumentation is impeccable.

Columbus statue vandalized in providence, rhode island “stop celebrating genocide”

(Source: /u/loopycatto On Reddit)

Kids, just playing...

thelostworld Explorer — Level 10 says:

It's just a cultural heritage after all.

2 days ago
I am the most important member of this family

Source: /u/surelyknott on Reddit

Shortness of breath - seems accurate
Safety measures in 1926 weren't really in place yet

At the Woolworth Building, New York, 1926.

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