Gąsienicowa valley, Tatra Mountains, Poland
Garibaldi Lake, British ColumbiaCredit: andrewrimanic

Feels like Narnia

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Feels like Narnia
Indian Lotus, Nelumbo nuciferaCredit: Miwildlife

Agave flower

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Agave flowerCredit: Icy_Strawberry1075

A long, long road

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A long, long road
Turin's Mole Antonelliana poking out of the fog, Italy, December 2022Credit: YCanonist

Kilauea volcano erupting

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Kilauea volcano eruptingCredit: mjconns
The aurora borealis last night in Fairbanks, AlaskaCredit: VincentLedvina
This pinkish colored flower I captured while walking in the streetCredit: YsGimGimYs
Eglinton Valley, New ZealandCredit: angrybird79


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AntarcticaCredit: tizzletinius
The Summer Residence of the Dalai Lama
A trio of Mexican sword-plant flowers (Echinodorus palifolius)Credit: Celestial_Crook
Mount Rainier during a glorious sunrise. Taken from just outside of the parkCredit: Jacobklassen

Yosemite at night

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Yosemite at night

The Glasswing Phantom Butterfly

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The Glasswing Phantom Butterfly
Mount Rainier during a beautiful sunrise
Dahlia hybrid ‘Cafe Au Lait’Credit: BobRossApprentice
In the jungle the quiet jungle, the lion sleeps tonight (Wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh)
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