In this contest, we're going to tweak our setup and play with our camera's DOF settings to have two subjects in focus. Two subjects that are identical in shape (90+ %). The subjects can be positioned in any way you want, as long as they are both in focus.

If you don't know where to start, here's an interesting video from 'The Photography Spot' on the topic:

The subjects can be animals or objects that have the same (90+ %) shape (The color, size, and position can differ). But, try to have few other items in your photo. That way, you can put more emphasis on the two identical subjects.

Good luck!

PS: It's very important to vote on every entry, the more votes we get, the more accurate the rankings will be. Also, when you see something on someone's entry that can be improved, let them know. That way, we can learn new skills from each other!

Staaan avatarLevel 20

If you have any questions/suggestions/comments about this contest, reply to this comment!

Good luck! 👇

14 reactions
Olga.L avatarLevel 17Gold awardGold award
1 out of 29

Sentry created by Olga.L

13 reactions
Vibeke avatarLevel 12Silver awardSilver award
2 out of 29

Connecting created by Vibeke

Perfect timing, a friend brought me these 2 tiny Mouse Tail plants yesterday. They are about 2cm tall.

10 reactions
Zizounai avatarLevel 16Bronze awardBronze award
3 out of 29

Almost twins created by Zizounai

17 reactions
Olga.L avatarLevel 17Hug award
4 out of 29

Two Cows created by Olga.L

Two cows standing next to each other in this pond cooling themselves .... Helen says to Margaret: "I was artificially inseminated this morning." "I don't believe you," replies Margaret. "It's true, no bull!"

5 reactions
eugen avatarLevel 7
5 out of 29

Dissonance created by eugen

13 reactions
Olga.L avatarLevel 17
6 out of 29

Something is Fishy created by Olga.L

2 reactions
MyMindsEye avatarLevel 12Together award
7 out of 29

Vintage Acoustics created by MyMindsEye

3 reactions
Zizounai avatarLevel 16
8 out of 29

Birds of a feather created by Zizounai

6 reactions
Vibeke avatarLevel 12
9 out of 29

Mushroom candles created by Vibeke

I love these candles, can't imagine ever lighting them. The problem of getting so close to things is that it's not until you bring the photos up on the screen you realise how dirty they are. So I had to start over after giving them a good dusting.

2 reactions
Olga.L avatarLevel 17
10 out of 29

UH Ohhhh created by Olga.L

Merlin avatarLevel 16
11 out of 29

Double Double Up created by Merlin

4 reactions
eugen avatarLevel 7
12 out of 29

Dryness created by eugen

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Vibeke avatarLevel 12
13 out of 29

Orchids created by Vibeke

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Zizounai avatarLevel 16
14 out of 29

A pair of Black-eyed Suzan created by Zizounai

If you look close enough, you can see the lashes inside the eye.

Olga.L avatarLevel 17
15 out of 29

Just the two of us created by Olga.L

Just the two of us We can make it if we try Just the two of us (Just the two of us) Just the two of us Building castles in the sky Just the two of us You and I

hilleke avatarLevel 8
16 out of 29

Swans created by hilleke

MyMindsEye avatarLevel 12
17 out of 29

Pin-Up created by MyMindsEye

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MyMindsEye avatarLevel 12
18 out of 29

Hide N Seek created by MyMindsEye

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demi avatarLevel 6
19 out of 29

Unspecified specimen created by demi

Zizounai avatarLevel 16
20 out of 29

Mom and dad created by Zizounai

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Zizounai avatarLevel 16
21 out of 29

Snapdragon profiles created by Zizounai

Velya avatarLevel 9
22 out of 29

Red reign created by Velya

Velya avatarLevel 9
23 out of 29

Caravan of snails created by Velya

Sukanta12317 avatarLevel 5
24 out of 29

Magnolia created by Sukanta12317

JohnnyBG19 avatarLevel 3
25 out of 29

Entry without name created by JohnnyBG19

1 reaction
MyMindsEye avatarLevel 12
26 out of 29

Friends of Distinction created by MyMindsEye

MyMindsEye avatarLevel 12
27 out of 29

Queen of the Roller Derby (Ret.) created by MyMindsEye

Velya avatarLevel 9
28 out of 29

spines and wires created by Velya

aipics avatarLevel 8
29 out of 29

Red dragonfly created by aipics

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