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The wonderful underwater world is partially given by the what seems to be an endless number of fish species. With colors that some of us can't even imagine, millions of fish populate the seas and oceans all around the globe, giving a veritable show to whomever dives or snorkels.

This showcase brings closer the fascinating underwater world, showing some of the most beautiful and also known types of fish, mostly exotic. Not only popular in aquariums, but some of them also became real TV stars, like the cute clown fish, a perfect inspiration for the "Finding Nemo" animation.

For the photographers, shooting underwater can be a real challenge. Special gear, courage and skills. Their result is definitely worth seeing. Enjoy!


Nemo Author: crenk

Dragon Moray Eel

Dragon Moray Eel Author: Gordon Greenley


Oppositin Author: Andrey Narchuk

The Cardinal & the Clowns

The Cardinal and the Clowns Author: Michael AW

Exotic Fish

Exotic Fish Author: amirske


Lionfish Author: visarute angkatavanich

Can You Help Me?

Can You Help Me Author: Tomasz Grabowiecki

Lion Fish with Sunburst

Lion Fish with Sunburst Author: Jonathan Lin


Untitled Author: Jonathan Lin


Hello Author: Mikael Jigmo

Hippo and Fish

Hippo and Fish Author: auster


Swarming Author: Alexander Safonov


Clownfish Author: Shahaira de Cuba


Togetherness Author: Alexander Safonov

Funny Mouth

Funny Mouth Author: André Landin

After Plastic Surgery

After Plastic Surgery Author: Viktoria-a


Fish Author: daily-telegraph

A Yellow Fish

A Yellow Fish Author: dejz0r


Guppy Author: montrachet62


Charm Author: Capn Scott

Grouper Face

Grouper Face Author: Capn Scott


Rainbow Author: Romain Guy

Betta Splendens Halfmoon Orange

Betta Splendens Halfmoon Orange Author: Jérôme Picard

Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish Author: Vladimir Popkov


Inflated Author: Daniel Stoker

Sipadan Diving

Sipadan Diving Author: Kim Green

The Red Sea

The Red Sea Author: Greg Hoffman

Cool Ocean Blue

Cool Ocean Blue Author: Jassen Jackman

Sinister Grin

Sinister Grin Author: Dieter Kyle Stelling

Lion Fish

Lion Fish Author: Koekiemonster

Blue Dolphin

Blue Dolphin Author: Hannah Gill

Don't Go

Dont Go Author: Matthias Erla

Tropical Fish Profile

Tropical Fish Profile Author: Jake Blues Photography

Big Bad Grouper

Big Bad Grouper Author: Gordon Greenley

1 cm Nemo

1 cm Nemo Author: Eric Javier

Red Coris Wrasse

Red Coris Wrasse Author: Gordon Greenley

Borbonius Anthias Fish

Borbonius Anthias Fish Author: Gordon Greenley

Guinea Fowl Pufferfish

Guinea Fowl Pufferfish Author: uniprot.org

Red Lionfish

Red Lionfish Author: Vladimir Popov / Uhaiun


Murena Author: Marco Leone

Big Blue Fish

Big Blue Fish Author: mellybear


Fish Author: CriticalPhotography

Whitepatch Razorfish

Whitepatch Razorfish Author: Eric Cheng

Cubic and Dotty Fishes

Cubic and Dotty Fishes Author: Mert Çetinkaya

Exotic Fish

Exotic Fish Author: benyczek

Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish Author: Gihun

Fish in Genoa's Aquarium

Fish in Genoas Aquarium Author: A S

Genoa's Aquarium

Genoas Aquarium Author: A S


Weisskehldoktorfisch Author: K-a-n-e

Coral Grouper

Coral Grouper Author: Mike Colby
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Nice photographs.Like most of them.

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i love underwater world….i m interested in underwater world life…..i like so much your pics this blog…..fazal memon from : gujarat (india) my cell No. +91 9825282451…..

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