We can all agree that 2020 has been one heck of a year. From the pandemic to the global lockdown, it pretty much gave all of us an opportunity to hit the pause button and reflect on life. It goes without saying that it still offered us a thrilling adventure and a trail of awkward trends to follow and talk about despite everything else.

These trending topics occupied us in their little way, some made us laugh; others made us cringe. Here are some of the awkward trends in 2020.

#1 — "Viral Sexy dancing" on social media

Apparently, everyone was getting their sexy on by dancing to various hit songs and posting their endeavour. One of those songs was WAP. Yes, the song grew on all of us, parents even joined in on the fun. I don't need a polygraph to tell me that you watched, sang, or danced to it or one of the others at least once. Who would blame you? It definitely made me feel some type of way- sexy. And am pretty sure you felt the same.

#2 — "Put a finger down"

Here you put a finger down looking at the camera when you've done something mentioned. It was definitely an easy way to air our dirty laundry without pretending to play truth or dare. What makes this especially awkward was doing it in front of our parents and close friends or even posting it online.

#3 — Passing the makeup brush

It was like a digital relay race, but the baton was a brush or clothing item. When you finished your makeup, you had to pass the brush to someone else. Yeah, it was an excuse for us to play dress up. No one was excluded; from all works of life, we came, and we slayed; in the best possible way.

#4 — Colorful armpit hair

Yes, In case you didn't know, dying armpit hair was a trend this year when Miley Cyrus did it. Well, I didn't try this one, but I think it should make the awkward list.

colorful armpit
— colorful armpit —

#5 — Eye implant

In the Netherlands, people actually sort out inserting tiny implants in the eye, probably for an aesthetic look. It is supposedly similar to ear piercing, but you get to decorate your eyeballs based on personal style and preference.

eye implant
— eye implant —

#6 — Making up to look hungover

For some, looking like you are hungover is now the new sexy. In Japan, this became a trend that gained popularity very fast. The trick is to look drunk without drinking.

#7 — Self high fives

You do this by taking a picture of yourself high-fiving with both hands. Just make sure you have a pillow to break the fall; otherwise, you won't be able to see the high-five picture.

#8 — Cinnamon- challenge

For some reason, a bunch of people decided to eat full spoons of cinnamon, and everyone else went with it. Did you try it too?

#9 — Hue Freckles

Freckles may be charming and all, but people went a step further by placing glittery ones on their faces and or even tattooing them on.

#10 — Don't let the tissue touch the floor

Basically, you just kick tissue around for as long as possible without letting it hit the floor. It brought back our childlike wonder, in general, I think this was fun.

#11 — Work from home fashion

This actually gained momentum because many people had to work remotely. People dressing officially from the waist up and wearing cozy and comfy clothes below the waist. I, for one, found this trend really innovative because people found new ways to spice things up and make the idea runway-worthy.

work from home
— work from home —

#12 — DMX challenge

Listening to a song by DMX, you change your makeup and hair. I think the idea was refreshing and creative. One girl can be whoever she wants to be

#13 — Asian craze

Suddenly, Asians are what the rave's about, from their street fashion to K-pop musicians, to even makeup. We basically fell in love with everything Asian.

Asian craze
— Asian craze —

#14 — Trying to kiss your best friend

This trend was weird and cute, especially when you have to wrestle to get it.

#15 — Don't leave me challenge

So you just make up a bunch of phrases using random objects, then people start shouting don't leave me. This one was pretty hilarious and entertaining.

#16 — Ghost pepper challenge

Someone thought it was a great idea to get people to eat ghost peppers. To win you have to eat them without crying or screaming, this twist made the challenge more interesting.

#17 — Yoga trend

Here you have to replicate a yoga poses alone or with someone. Yoga is pretty technical for people who are not very flexible, I can see why it became a challenge.

#18 — Condom challenge

Fill an unused condom with as much water as possible, then drop it on someone's head without tying it. Who comes up with these things people?

#19 — Layering trend

All you have to do is layer clothes, food or makeup. So if you choose clothes, you had to wear a 100 clothes.

#20 — Worst place review

Simple, all you had to do was go to the place with the lowest review.

#21 — Eating baby food

You try guessing the baby food you are eating.

#22 — Blindfold makeup challenge

Doing makeup for someone blindfolded, well, some of the results were funny.

#23 — Chubby bunny marshmallow challenge

Stuff your mouth full of marshmallows and after each marshmallow try saying 'chubby bunny'.

#24 — Whisper challenge

With your headphones on and music on full blast, you try to guess what the person in front of you is saying.

#25 — No hands challenge

Someone stands or sits on a chair behind you, then you have to say what you want to do. With your hands behind you, the other person helps you do what you have said with their own hands. This was pretty funny.

Although the pandemic hit pretty hard, we still found a way to keep going. These awkward trends gave us something fun to do and enough excitement to keep our spirits up.

interiorcrocodilealligator avatarLevel 28
interiorcrocodilealligator says:

This should be in /c/facepalm ...

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ggutentagg avatarLevel 11
ggutentagg says:

That doesn't exist

123random avatarLevel 3
123random says:

Let 2021 be less shitty please.

Let's start with eliminating these trends, then Corona too

ticklish avatarLevel 3
ticklish says:

My questions on all those videos is: WHY

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ggutentagg avatarLevel 11
ggutentagg says:

Youth these days, TikTok = cancer

___froggy avatarLevel 10
___froggy says:

Yes, all cringe

ggutentagg avatarLevel 11
ggutentagg says:

What boring questinos in the put a finger down vid

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