An anglerfish specimen obtained from the depths; It’s pitch-black body allows it to remain in darkness
Anglerfish in the light of a submarine

whale watching

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Massive Japanese spider crab, whose legs reach 2 meters across
A deep sea organism known as a rocket ship siphonophore. The “fire” is also a part of its bodyCredit: Peachy-Persimmons

An army

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Danger lurks beneath the waves

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A Piranha’s vicious array of teeth. Contrary to popular opinion, they are not ravenous normally, and only attack in a frenzy when hungry
A Triggerfish has eerily similar teeth akin to a human’s. They use this teeth to prey on reef invertebrates and algae
A deep sea octopus displaying its patterns. It is a translucent yet bioluminescent organism in the depths below
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