Polexit propaganda in Polish public TV - ruling coalition politician explains how we "lost" PLN 535 billion by joining EU
Engineers from the UK and France meet during the construction of the channel tunnel, 1990
Battle of the Alma: first major battle of Crimean War. British and French alliance defeat the Russians
The surge in European power prices is predominantly being driven by soaring fossil gas costs
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) right now
Around the City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain. One of the most beautiful cities I've ever been to
On this day in 1870 the Bersaglieri corps enter Rome through the Porta Pia, and thus completing the unification of Italy
Total fertility rate, 2019 (NUTS 3 regions)
The Nuclear Option (David Rowe)

Skopje in the 70's

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Skopje in the 70's
The total GDP of European each country in 2020, in USD
David Bowie sleeping in the Trans-Siberian Express, USSR, 1973
3 generations of Warsaw Trams
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