20 Artist renditions of Jessica Alba

Jessica Marie Alba was born in California (on 28th April, 1981). She's a very well known film and television actress, but especially...

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Amazing Art Works Based On Children's Drawings

The photos you are about to see are part of the 'The Monster Engine Project', created by Dave DeVries. It includes a book, a demonstration,...

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Ultra-realistic portrait paintings by Rubén Belloso

Prepare to get stunned, because in today's showcase we will meet Rubén Belloso, a young and extremely talented painter. He has won several...

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50 Examples of fantasy character art to make you dream away

The word 'fantasy' is defined as the imagination which isn't restricted by reality, it is a situation imagined by a creator which doesn't...

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A very talented artist.

50 Unbelievable Photo-Realistic Male Portrait Drawings

Photo-realistic images increase in popularity, as the technology of digital drawing, 3D rendering and photo-manipulation become more...

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50 Extraordinary Still Life Paintings and Drawings

Still life drawings and paintings have a long history, back in time. Maybe because they seem to be easier to paint than a portrait or...

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50 Ultra Realistic Female Portrait Drawings

Technology brings more and more talented artists to the surface, who create astonishing digitally manipulated images on every possible...

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Exclusive Interview with An Exceptional 3D Street Artist: Nikolaj Arndt

Hello everyone! Today we have the honor of presenting the artwork of Nikolaj Arndt - a multi-skilled artist. He also had some cool things to...

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I drew a screw
A recent illustration I've made with ink and digital colors called "Self portrait"
A pencil drawing of my friend i drew a while back... No edits, just Pencils on paper.
Credit: fojteflon
This is one of my drawings. Mostly done in charcoal, and an embarrassing amount of time
Credit: deaki682



Precision art

Drawing Posted by Yannick
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It takes years of learning and practice to do something this cool. A marvelous display of skills by the artist.

In down South India, Tamilnadu, Chennai I have took this Photo. There is a belief in our tradition, that when we keep a Ash gourd, Painted like a Monster, It will Cast the evil away in that place. Saw a vendor who was paining it for sale. Captured by her beautiful smile and the way she enjoyed the painting, made me take this snap. If you really have any vendor pictures and a story post it here.

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Nice picture but I think it's in the wrong community...

An oil painting I did during quarantine, the state of the world really makes it hard to be creative, but I'm trying!
Credit: MassimoRichers
Oil painting of Saturn I did earlier this year. What do you guys think?
1 reaction Credit: evank1254
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Great job! I love it!

50 Ultra-realistic Male Portrait Drawings

Technology brings to surface more and more talented artists who create astonishing digitally manipulated images on every possible theme,...

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These are beautiful.

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Frank said…
(“I’d disagree about the “Jesus of Nazareth” one being on the list. Since its not ultra realistic at all, he doesn’t look Israeli at all, or Jewish in any sense, he doesn’t even look middle eastern, the ‘real’ Jesus was all of those things. Unless its a drawing of an actor who has played Jesus.”

I’d disagree about that portrait since Jesus doesn’t actually exist.)…


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These is a nice collection of male portraits. I can’t believe Splash is a drawing and not a photo. It’s fantastic.

The 50 Most Famous Vincent Van Gogh Paintings And Sketches

Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch painter who suffered from severe anxiety and mental illness. He was barely famous during his lifetime, but...

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respect god for everthing if you doit you will get everthing you want he made us I WANT IF YOU ARE

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This is a very nice collection but I must say I didn’t find some of famous Vincent Van Gogh paintings right there 🙂

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Sophia says:  

thank you for takeing me to vincent van gogh musem I like going there now i went there 3 times my family like it there you know my famliy was thinking croos…alot…. money i use to love… to go to the musem you are the best techer ever…….i wish i could be in your class in 3 grad

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