Chimichurri skirt steak
Credit: dcb1973
Blueberry pancakes with a shot of maple syrup I ate at Old School Restaurant in Toronto
Credit: leahchann97
Bacon egg and cheese waffle sandwich
Credit: FlintTheDad
Brown Butter Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies
Credit: itsamoreh
Fried Chicken & Fries
Credit: Eagle8783
WooBoi Fried Hot Chicken Sandwich
Credit: tasif12
Lobster flatbread!
Credit: foodloversjovana4391
My sister made a no bake Lotus Cheesecake
Credit: OdehAllDay
Homemade Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza
Credit: cookinwithclint
I made a pizza with chorizo, jalapeño and pineapple
Credit: andreas_dib
Strawberry lemon madeleines 🍓🍋
Credit: StripedFoxy
Polish Apple Pancakes (Racuchy z Jabłkami) Taste of childhood!
Credit: mienczaczek
first time trying to make carbonara
Credit: F0XRY4N
I made a charcuterie board for my birthday
Credit: tryanother_please
Scotch Egg
Credit: Narhei_Asuka
Rump and pan juice peppercorn sauce
Credit: georgedm1414
I cooked ribeye steak, that's all
Credit: azeaX
Chocolate chip cookies to celebrate 420 days alcohol-free!
Credit: adriatic33
Carne Asada Fries
Credit: Tezington
Working on my smash burger game
Credit: Recruiter_954
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