Garlic parm fries

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Garlic parm fries
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Don't understand any of these entries for this topic without the recipes to accompany some great sounding dishes.
What's the point of this topic?
Photos of your lunch is just ..........who cares??
Tell us how to make it or just enjoy your meal privately.

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It's just to get the mouth-watering I guess, I enjoy them

But you can unfollow that culinary community if it bothers you :)

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MyMindsEye replied to IEatRawEggs :

Sorry, I meant no disrespect to your entry, its just seems to me the topic would garner more interest if it were more than just food selfies.
I don't need to unfollow as I was just exploring a subject of interest believing I would be reading food prep experiences of others, accompanied by images of their culinary masterpieces. The theme description implied some back story or recipe sharing which would be of much more interest. Scrolling through the entries, I noticed nary a comment. Perhaps an indicator of disappointment of a broader scope of members. Surely this group has more to offer than just pictures of food? :|

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IEatRawEggs replied to MyMindsEye :

No need to apologize

Title 'culinary' does imply some sort of recipes community.

If the community had a different name it would be more appropriate. Like 'Get Hungry' or 'food pictures'

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